Clinical Test

Hasil Tes Klinis Setelah Pemakaian Produk FIR

Uji klinis yang lain lebih detail dapat Anda baca di situs-situs pendukung kami (related links).


  • Prof. Dr. Zhou Shume
  • Prof. Dr. Masau Nakamura (Staf ahli NASA USA)
  • Prof. Dr. Chang Chien Tung (Rector Beijing University)
  • Dr. Toshiko Yamazaki M.D. (1922 – now) Japan Advisor on FIR Expert Research and Technology, Head of Research and Development on FIR Product.
  • Prof. Zhang Jian Dong (China) The usage of Far Infrared Rays as an Alternative.
  • Dr. Dean Bonlie (Loma Linda University, Canada) President of the North American Academy of Magnetic Therapy.


Bio Information Resonance System Analysis

Measured by Korea Research Institute of JungShin Science

Using Bio-resonance (feedback) from body system, this machine looks at over 4,000 substances that may be causing problems. The machine is able to scan and treat the resonance, current and energy of the body own Bio-electrical system. This natural energy is produced within the cells of your body through their own electrical activity.

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